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About Us

Hi. We’re Sprout. Maybe you’ve heard of us? We've been around since 2008 — we’re a baby food company.

We make delicious organic meals and snacks for babies and toddlers all across this great land. Truth be told, that’s not all we make. We make mealtime fun! We make mealtime convenient!

But most importantly, we make it easy for parents everywhere to give their little sprout a head start in life.

Our not-so-secret plan to win over your heart and mind (and your kids’ tastebuds) and be your favoritest brand in the universe with three simple promises:

#1 Keep It Real

We promise to use only the best, REAL and ORGANIC ingredients in everything we make. Always and forever. That means certified organic foods in every bite like Mother Nature intended. Nothing artificial. And no GMOs ever.

#2 Keep It Simple

We promise to do everything in our power not to make your life any more complicated than it already is. Because we know, as parents ourselves, being a parent can get pretty gnarly sometimes.

Did you know?

Sprout was the first baby food company to introduce pouches so parents can feed their babies on the go? Seriously, that was us!

#3 Keep It Fun

We promise to do our best to make feeding your little sprout fun. Why? Because exploring new foods with exciting flavors IS fun!