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You may have noticed we have lots of different pouch recipes to help your little ones maintain a healthy, well-rounded diet. We even have special pouch collections to provide essential nutrients like Power Paks, Veggie Power, Protein, and Smoothies! In this blog post, we’re laying out the basic benefits of each line to help make your shopping easier.

power pak pouches on a green background

#1 Power Paks

Organic fruits and vegetables are combined with our unique Superblend to create tasty and nutritious Power Pak pouches! Sprout Organics Superblend is made from navy bean, chia, coconut milk, and date. Each vegan recipe offers a full serving of fruit, 300mg omega 3 from chia, 3 grams of protein, and 3-4 grams of fiber per pouch. 

veggie power pouches on a blue background

#2 Veggie Power

Veggie Power is the dynamic duo of our Power Paks. Each flavor includes a full serving of colorful veggies, 2 grams of protein, and 3-4 grams of fiber. These pouches help introduce kiddos to a variety of vegetables in the pouch format they know and love. Veggie Power pouches are totally vegan and dairy free. 

protein pouches on a yellow background

#3 Protein

Sprout Organics offers both plant-based and bone broth-based protein pouches. Bone broth options are a great way for your little one to get protein while being gentle on their digestive system. Our plant-based protein pouches are a delicious, vegan alternative without compromising protein content. Each recipe includes 3 grams of protein plus fiber for a well-rounded snack or meal. 

smoothie pouches on a pink background

#4 Smoothies

Smooth, creamy, delicious. We won’t blame you for snacking on a smoothie pouch alongside your kiddo (we do it, too!). These tasty smoothies contain flaxseed, known to help aid digestion, and contain a full serving of organic fruit along with some veggies. We offer yogurt-based flavors, as well as vegan and dairy-free coconut milk-based flavors 

two children enjoy pouches on a background with illustrated fruits and veggies

Now you know!

We have even more pouch options than that, but these are some of the recipes that we made specifically to meet your children’s dietary needs. Always consult your pediatrician for dietary advice.  

Ready to dive into Sprout Organics pouches? Browse ‘em here. 

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