We are seriously excited to tell you all about Sprout Organics’ transition to greener Curlz packaging.

old curlz canister next to the new bag packaging

You’ll start to see Curlz come in a whole new package... Sprout Organics is in the process of transitioning your toddler’s favorite baked, plant-based snack from a canister to a resealable bag. While the change may seem small, it has seriously big impacts.

-100 thousand pounds of packaging and -93% emissions from transportation

The stats speak for themselves:

  • The bags are less bulky than the canisters, reducing the carbon footprint from shipping by 93%
  • The sleek new packaging removes 100,000 pounds of packaging per year

3 flavors of curlz in the new bag packaging on a yellow background

Here at Sprout Organics, we provide organic, simple, convenient options to help you give your little sprout a healthy head start. The tasty contents remain the same, and this new Curlz packaging is one small step towards helping make the future a little greener.

This rollout starts now—but for now, packaging may vary!


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