Our goal at Sprout Organics is to provide families all across this great land with convenient, nutritious options to make the good choice the easy choice. Here are the key differences between our family favorite Toddler Meals and our new Big Kid Mealz!

big kid meal and toddler meal side by side

  1. Bigger portion size for bigger kids. Big Kid Mealz are ~20% larger than Toddler Meals.
  2. Big Kid Mealz have more fiber and more protein to keep up with the big kids in your family!
  3. More flavor! Toddler Meals have a little less sodium than our Big Kid Mealz, so the flavors are simpler and help your toddler get used to the medley of flavors.
  4. Big Kid Mealz are chunkier than Toddler Meals, great for introducing new textures to your kiddo’s palette. 

Of course, you know your kiddo best! Whether you choose Toddler Meals or Big Kid Mealz, you can rest assured that every single ingredient is organic with a full serving of veggies in every package that’s ready in just 2 minutes!

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