“Eat the Rainbow!” is Sprout Organics’ blog series dedicated to reminding parents of the importance of feeding their kids a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables daily. Why? Because feeding them fruits and veggies of different colors every day is the simplest way to make sure they get the full range of nutrients their growing bodies need.

a variety of squash at an outdoor market

The goldilocks squash

Butternut squash is less than a hundred years old! It was created during the 1930s at a farm in Massachusetts because land-owner Charles Leggett wanted to create a squash that was just the right size to feed a family... Goldilocks squash would’ve been a pretty good name, but butternut squash got its name because its texture is smooth as butter and its flavor is sweet like a nut... creative, right?

diced butternut squash with some benefits listed around it

Squash goals

Sweet, nutty, and perfect for fall and winter recipes, Butternut Squash is full of vitamins and minerals. Notably antioxidants Vitamin A, which is important for eye health and immune function, and Vitamin C. Butternut squash also contains minerals that help support bone health and other functions, like magnesium, potassium, and manganese.

Butternut squash is high in fiber. One cup of cooked butternut squash contains about 7 grams of fiber, which is important for maintaining our kids’ healthy digestive systems and helping prevent constipation.

sprout organics products with butternut squash on a blue background

Sprout 💛 butternut squash

At Sprout, we’ve made it our mission to help kids eat more fruits and veggies. Because, well…the science is pretty clear: The healthier your baby eats now, the better the chances they’ll keep eating healthy their whole life and grow to reach their full potential.

Our organic pouches, meals and snacks are loaded with fruits and vegetables. In fact, more than 50% of our pouch products are veggie-leading and *all* of our Toddler Meals and Big Kid Mealz include a full serving of veggies!

We love using butternut squash in our recipes for its flavor, fiber, and texture. Looking for some recommendations?

We have Butternut Mac and Cheese for Toddlers and now for Big Kids! Try toddler pouches like this Protein Butternut, Chickpea, Quinoa & Date with 3 grams of protein or this Power Pak with Sprout’s unique Superblend. Introduce baby to butternut with this 6+ months pouch with a full serving of fruit!






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