In the second installment of our series, the Superpowers of Superfoods, we’re talking about the chickpea. In the western world of superfoods, the chickpea doesn’t often get the spotlight, unless it’s been blended into a tasty bowl of hummus. However, we love the humble chickpea, and you’ll see it pop up often in our recipes.

illustrated graphic that says c is for chickpea on a pink background

What’s in a name

First things first, we are here to definitively say that chickpeas and garbanzo beans are the *exact* same legume, just by two different names. The word chickpea originates from the Latin term “cicer,” and the name garbanzo bean is of Spanish origin. 

The chickpea origin story

The Chickpea is a legume, one of the five types of vegetables. In fact, chickpeas are noted as one of the earliest cultivated vegetables, with research pointing all the way back to 7,500 years ago in the Middle East. They can be eaten whole, ripe or unripe, mashed, or even turned into flour. Nowadays, chickpeas are still an integral part of traditional cuisines across the world and has gained popularity in the United States as a great source of plant-based nutrition. 

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The superpowers of chickpea

The chickpea is another example of a complete protein! This means that they contain all 9 essential amino acids, the building blocks that support growing bodies. They are a great source of plant-based protein. 

When it comes to vitamins in minerals, chickpeas pack a punch. They are a source of copper, folate, manganese, choline, and many more – all of which help our bodies function healthily and must be obtained through what we eat.

On top of all that goodness, chickpeas offer a significant source of dietary fiber to help foster healthy digestion. 

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Sprout Organics 💛 chickpeas

You’ll find chickpeas in lots of our recipes here at Sprout Organics. We love them for not only their nutritional profile, but also for their versatility.

We use chickpeas in our Toddler Meals & Big Kid Mealz for gluten-free pasta that is tasty and helps your little one get more protein and fiber. You’ll notice chickpea flour is a key ingredient in all our Curlz Snacks and Crinklez Snacks! We even have two pouch varieties with chickpea: this 12+ month plant-based protein pouch and this 6+ month pouch with a full serving of veggies! 



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