Fabrics covered in colorful stamps from fruit and veggie shapes

It's time for #SproutCrafts! 🎨 Here is one of our childhood faves for creating handmade gifts with your little ones. Fruit and Veggie stamping can work on paper, wood, fabric, cardboard, and more! Just check out our supply list and get to stampin'.

Create gift wrap by stamping plain paper bags or canvas tote bags. Play with color, create gifts, upcycle old items, and get creative with your little sprout! 

Supply List: 

  • A variety of fruits and veggies that you won't use for cooking
  • Mixed media paper, wood, cardboard, or fabric (i.e. napkins, totes, shirts). 
  • Paint for use on desired material (we used fabric paint)
  • Scrap paper, newspapers, or paper towels to protect surfaces 
  • Sponge brushes  
  • Containers or paper plates for paint 
  • Rags on hand for quick clean up 

*Supervision recommended in case kids get any wild "canvas" ideas. 😉


Adjust for age; recommended for kids 3+

  1. (Adult) Cut a variety of fruits and veggies in half (we used sweet taters, fingerling taters, squash, apples and limes). Tip: wait for them to dry out a while so they absorb the paint! A colorful assortment of sliced fruits and vegetables
  2. Use the sponge brush to apply paint to food (you won't need much!) Foam brushes with pink and green paint on them with fruit and vegetable stamps on a table
  3. Practice a few stamps onto scrap paper. Colorful potato and lime stamps on table with brushes and canvas
  4. Stamp onto surface; applying even pressure. Tip: try holding the stamp while kiddo gently taps all around it to get an even stamping of color. Colorful canvases with stamps from apples, limes, and potatoes
  5. Embrace the imperfections! Get messy! Have fun! 

We’d love to see what you come up with! Post or share them on Instagram, tag @Sproutfoods and use #SproutCrafts🙌 

 🌟 P.S. This also makes a fun craft night for you and your pals! We won't tell the kids 🤫 

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