We want to be your favoritest baby food company in the world!

So, how are we going to do it?

With three pillars we promise to stand by in everything we do:
Keep it real. Keep it simple. Keep it fun. 

Let's see how this thinking applied to our fresh new look

Keep it real.
We're only calling out the good stuff.
Easy-to-read simple, and organic ingredients right on the front of pack.

Keep it simple.
Busy parents don’t have time to decipher all the complexities of feeding their kids. Everything we communicate will assure you that it’s convenient, and tastes good.

Keep it fun.
Bright, fun colors? Yes we did.
Lovable illustrations? We have those too.
We're ready to have some fun, and that’s what parents and kids want mealtime to be, right?

Check out our fresh new look here on the website and coming soon to a store shelf near you.


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