The weather outside might be frightful, but that doesn’t mean the kids have any less energy. Keep reading for some of our families’ favorite indoor kids activities to get the wiggles out!

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Benefits of movement & exercise

Creating fun ways to be active indoors still has great benefits—releasing endorphins, setting up positive long-term habits, and supporting brain & whole-body health. Plus, it can contribute to improved sleep! Yes, we want what’s best for our kids, but you can (and should!) get in on these benefits, too! It’s a pretty sweet time to bond and make memories with your littles.

a family dances and laughs

Ideas to get the whole family moving! 

Dance party 

Perfect for rooms of all sizes. If needed, clear some additional space by moving furniture, and be sure to get any tripping hazards out of the way. Want to be a great DJ? Create a playlist with all your family’s favorite songs so that everybody can get down. Here’s a popular Spotify playlist if you want a virtual DJ instead! Dancing can help support your heart, lungs, and bone health, increase endurance and aerobic fitness, and improve coordination and motor skills! 

Simon says 

We love Simon Says because it’s a chance to improve not only physical health, but work on listening skills, too! If you haven’t played before, one person is “Simon” and will give commands to the rest of the players. For example: Simon will say “Simon says, touch your toes,” and all of the other players will touch their toes. If Simon said “touch your toes” without first saying “Simon says,” the players who touched their toes would be out! Whoever is left at the end of the round, can be the next Simon! This is another one that can be done in smaller spaces. 

What time is it, Sly Fox? 

This game is best when you have more space to move as it can get a little rowdy! This game is also often played outside but can be moved indoors and played at a smaller scale. One person is selected as the Fox and stands on one side of the room with their back turned. The rest of the players stand on the other side of the room, facing the Fox. The players start a turn by saying “what time is it, Sly Fox?” and the Fox will respond by choosing a time, “it’s 4 o’clock,” and then the players all take 4 steps forward. When the Fox decides to say, “it’s midnight,” the fox turns around and tries to tag one of the players as they race back to the start line. The player tagged becomes the new fox.  

Obstacle course 

Use furniture and other items around the house to create a fun obstacle course for your toddler! Some ideas to get you started: big pillows to climb over, a box to tunnel through, place stuffies on the ground to weave around or jump over, use some painter’s tape between two walls to crawl under. Be sure to clear the area of any tripping hazards that aren’t part of the obstacle course.  

sprout organics products on an illustrated snowy background

Time to refuel

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the post-activity snack! Slice up some fruits and veggies and break out the Sprout Organics snacks. Some of our current favorite post-play snacks are these Banana PB&Yayz snack-sized sandwiches, this Power-Pak Superblend, and this Red Lentil Plant-Based Protein Pouch.



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