Taste training, amiright? It’s a journey that’s unique to each family and each child. Introducing new flavors to baby comes with the good, the bad, and the seriously messy. We’re not here to tell you which popular method is the one true way; we know that you know your kiddo best. Today we’re just going to cover our favorite pouches for making taste training and flavor introduction just a little bit easier.

child with a sprout pouch on an illustrated blue background

A note on age recommendations

You’ll notice on all our pouches there is a recommended minimum age, 6+ months, 8+ months, and 12+ months. We make these recommendations based on consistency and complexity of the flavor. For our 6+ month pouches (AKA Stage 2), when many parents introduce solids to baby, our pouches have a thinner consistency and only a few ingredients as to not overwhelm those little taste buds.

Remember, when you have questions about if your child is ready, consult your pediatrician.

sprout organics 6+ month pouches on a yellow background

Favorite 6+ Month Pouches

Blueberry, Banana & Oatmeal

Naturally sweet and fruity, this pouch is like a warm breakfast bowl with the benefits of oatmeal in convenient pouch form. Shop now.

Carrot, Chickpeas, Zucchini & Pear

A tiny green machine with a full serving of veggies! The best way to introduce vegetables? The earlier, the better! Shop now.

Peach, Oatmeal, Coconut Milk & Pineapple

A juicy peach and pineapple blend make for a summery treat any time of year with a full serving of fruit. Shop now.

Apple, Banana & Butternut Squash

A tasty blend of fruits and veggies that introduces baby to the nutty and slightly sweet flavor of butternut squash. Shop now.

illustrated fruits and vegetables with faces on a bright pink background

Taste the Rainbow

When it comes to taste training, not every new fruit or veggie is going to be a hit right off the bat. Instead of buying a case of one flavor, you and your baby can try a whole bunch of flavors with our 6+ Month Variety Pack that includes organic ingredients from pear to purple carrot.

Why we do what we do

Sprout Organics’ goal is to give little ones all across this great land. Our motto is keep it real, keep it simple, keep it fun. Every single ingredient in all our food products are certified organic. Our pouches for all ages are widely loved by families because on-the-go convenience doesn’t mean sacrificing on quality.

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