Welcome to our series: the Superpowers of Superfoods. This week, we’re talking about a popular leafly green: Spinach. So, what is a superfood? It isn't a scientific classification but is a commonly used term that basically means that a food has high nutrient density. While we do think that the fruits, vegetables, and grains known as superfoods really do pack a punch, we’ll leave the superpowers to your kiddo’s imagination.

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Spinach’s origin story

These days, there are many kinds of spinach around the world, but it’s believed that spinach originated in the Middle East, its spread across the world began with Middle Eastern traders bringing it to India and China!

In the US, it became more popular as a crop in 1920 when people started talking about its high nutritional value, especially with an animated spokesperson promoting canned spinach in the TV show, Popeye the Sailorman.

Fun fact: the “baby spinach” we find at the supermarket is just the young leaves of a spinach plant, generally 15-35 days after planting. Young spinach is popular because it’s more flavorful and tender, perfect for salads and cooking.

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The superpowers of spinach

We love this leafy green because not only does it pack a nutritional punch, but its versatility makes it easier for folks to get their greens. Fresh spinach can be eaten raw or cooked, or keep it handy when preserved frozen or canned!

Spinach is a nutritional superhero because of its nutrient density. These little leaves pack a punch! With every bite you’re getting some vitamins & minerals. Vitamin A is packed with antioxidants and plays a big role in eyesight. Vitamin C is known to help with immunity and heal cuts and scrapes. Plus, there’s folate, B6, E, and K—which play vital roles in red blood cells, brain development, and immune health! Spinach also includes minerals like magnesium to support the nervous system, essential electrolyte potassium, iron to help with growth and development, and calcium for strong bones.

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Sprout 💚 Spinach 

Here at Sprout Organics, our goal is to help kids all across this great land get more veggies with on-the-go, snackable convenience, chock full of organic ingredients. Check out this pouch with a full serving of veggies, or this green machine pouch with a full serving of fruit! Get some crunchy goodness with these toddler-approved Cheddar & Spinach Crinklez. 

Want to incorporate spinach into your family’s diet? Try adding some chopped spinach into your next lasagna or toss a handful into a pot of mac n cheese and keep stirring until it shrinks down and gets coated in tasty, cheesy goodness. 

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