CoComelon star JJ smiles while holding Sprout Organics CoComelon Yes, Yes, Veggie food pouch.

It's song and dance time! Join JJ and his friends and family celebrating life's big moments for little kids. Come along and explore the fun and joy in learning about their everyday adventures.

CoComelon helps kids learn letters, numbers, animal sounds, colors, and other life and social lessons that are important for early childhood development.

To nourish your child’s flourishing mind and body, we collaborated to create a delicious, fun Sprout Organics CoComelon collection.

With these convenient go-to meals and snacks, your child will be just as excited to eat and try new foods as they are to hear their latest favorite CoComelon song.

Entertain your kids while teaching important lessons

CoComelon delights children while introducing valuable social and life skills in episodes like Yes Yes Brush Your Teeth and The Stretching and Exercise Song. These songs make it easy to begin introducing healthy habits early to set them up for lifelong success! 

JJ sits in his highchair smiling while eating vegetables. His mom smiles at him from the left side with a red teddy bear in her hands.

Make healthy foods fun!

As a parent, you know that green foods your child often refuses are needed for your little sprout to grow strong. The CoComelon Yes Yes Vegetable Song helps kids learn that peas, broccoli, and other veggies are good for them to eat.

To build on this nursery rhyme’s fun and make mealtime easier for you, we crafted an organic CoComelon Yes, Yes Veggie pouch your child can enjoy as they sing along, “Yay, yay, yay, I love it, ooh!”

CoComelon cast featured on the Sprout Organics collaboration product packaging stands in a sunny field smiling.

Meet your child’s new favorite CoComelon character

JJ is the toddler with a curl like an ice cream swirl and a big warm smile. He loves sharks and has a puppy named Bingo!

Cody is one of JJ’s best buds and loves all things science. His favorite animal and dinosaur are one and the same, the tyrannosaurus rex. ROAR!

Cece is a natural performer. She loves to dance. Her favorite animals are cats and kittens, meow meow!

Ready to meet the rest of the CoComelon cast? You and yours can stream episodes at any time on YouTubeNetflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. You can also even stream the songs on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Sideview of illustrated root vegetable characters smiling at each other while still planted in the earth with their leaves and blue skies above ground.

Give your little sprout a smart headstart

Every ingredient we use, including in our CoComelon meals and snacks, is USDA organic so you can know you’re feeding your child high-quality food in each bite.

Three Sprout Organics CoComelon products: Yes, Yes, Veggie food pouch, Pumpkin Butter & Jelly Wafflez, and Broccoli Curlz sit on a sunny outdoor background.

Simplify mealtime and inevitable snacking

You’re busy with a million things on your mind every day as a parent. Then planning every family meal to incorporate toddler-friendly foods can be extremely challenging and time-consuming, too.

To make breakfast, lunch, and dinner easier when you need to, you can rely on Sprout’s convenient meals made with healthy ingredients that parents trust and children love:

We know that snacking happens naturally in between meals, especially with hungry, growing little sprouts! When your family is on the go, you can count on Sprout snacks to satisfy your child’s taste buds and hunger until their next meal:

Get fun and convenient options delivered to your doorstep

Shop the CoComelon collection now to get everyday organic meals and snacks your kids will be excited to eat! You can also find this collaboration conveniently at your local Walmart.

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