Original Crinklez stick is now a disc shaped snack in new packaging

Whoa! Check out the Crinklez snack!  

Our favorite organic Crinklez snack just got an upgrade with a fresh new look, AND a fun new shape.  

The original Crinklez sticks have been transformed into awesome little mini-discs. And a perfect size for little hands to hold. Don’t even worry, we kept the same flavors your little Sprout knows and loves.  

Over the next few months, keep an eye out for the new packaging and snackable shape. Available in Pumpkin & Carrot, and Cheddar & Spinach, these snacks are always organic, and gluten-free.  

Have a munch munch and grab that new crunch crunch! 

Shop Pumpkin & Carrot on SproutOrganics.com or Amazon.com 

Shop Cheddar & Spinach on SproutOrganics.com or Amazon.com

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